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One of the most recognized cities in the Southeast, Huntsville is consistently earning accolades as one of the best places in the nation to live, work, and play.  Technology, space, and defense play important roles in this area, driven by the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park.  Huntsville is also home to several Fortune 500 companies and scores of large, mid-size, and small businesses for a diversified and healthy regional economy.  Parks and recreation areas are highly developed, although the city lies in close proximity to premier getaways that include Monte Sano Mountain State Park.  Ditto Landing at Wheeler Reservoir and the lakefront beauty of the Green Mountain Nature Trail are just two of the attractions in this lovely area at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Those who appreciate culture will find symphony, choral and musical concerts, ballet and dance, and other performing arts in venues from elegant to intimate.  Art and history museums combine with fine galleries to showcase local, regional, and national talent and preserve the area's rich history.  The Twickenham district preserves Alabama's largest collection of pre-Civil War homes, while the Huntsville Botanical Garden showcases aquatic and floral gardens.  Shoppers will be able to fine unique treasures or name-brand merchandise in charming districts or fashionable malls.  Around every corner, Huntsville reveals an exceptional quality of life and delightful surprises.  The housing selection is as diverse as the population, blending magnificent older homes shaded by lovely trees with vibrant new construction in exclusive enclaves or neat subdivisions that offer a close-knit spirit.  New residents will find in Huntsville a remarkable city that manages to honor the heritage of the gracious Old South with innovative high-tech ventures and the richness of cultural diversity. 


Population Growth (since 2000) 23%
Population Density (ppl / mile) 933.00
Household Size (ppl) 2.257
Households w/ Children 25%

Housing Stability

Annual Residential Turnover 0%
5+ Years in Residency 35%
Median Year in Residency 2.93

Housing Inventory

Huntsville, AL Housing Inventory 51,576 8,464 33,991 51,576 8,464

Market Overview

1510 listings with an estimated median price of $350,000

Price Count
$0 - 100K 103
$100K - 200K 191
$200K - 300K 293
$300K - 400K 335
$400K - 500K 164
$500K - 600K 117
$600K - 700K 78
$700K - 800K 45
$800K - 900K 33
$900K - 1M 38
$1M - Max 113
Property Type Count
Single Family 1074
Condo 126
Commercial 60
Rental 247
Lots and Land 228
Multi Family 22

(Data as of 7/11/2024)

Population Demographics

The population of the community broken down by age group. The numbers at the top of each bar indicate the number of people in the age bracket below.

Huntsville, AL Population Demographics

Total: 199,829


Median Age: 38.08

Climate and Weather

The Temperature chart displays average high and low values for January and July, and is designed to provide an indication of both seasonal and daily temperature variability. The Weather Risk Index indicates the calculated risk of each type of weather event occurring in the future. This risk is based on historical localized storm events and weather patterns. The national average for each type of weather event equals a score of 100, so a score of 200 would represent twice the risk as the national average, and a score of 50 would represent half the risk of the national average.

Temperature (degrees F)

Huntsville, AL Temperature

Weather Risk

Huntsville, AL Weather Risk


The Community Educational Index chart is based on the U.S. Census Bureau's Socioeconomic Status (SES) elements. Factors used in creating the index below are income, educational achievement, and occupation of persons within the selected ZIP code. Since this index is based on the population of an entire Zip code, it may not reflect the nature of an individual school.

Education Climate Index

Huntsville, AL Education Climate Index

Highest Education Level Attained

Huntsville, AL Highest Education Level Attained 27,167 28,929 10,723 9,421 4,248 21,023 34,120 27,167 28,929 9,421 4,248 21,023

Employment and Finance


Huntsville, AL Workforce

Income by dollar range (Median Income: $52,286)

Huntsville, AL Income by dollar range 7,086 5,218 4,462 4,752 4,646 3,956 4,369 3,608 3,268 6,090 7,738 9,180 7,397 4,529 7,039 1,252 534 444

Fair Market Rents

The Fair Market Rents show average gross rent estimates based on figures provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom
Four Bedroom

Smoking Ban

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The Crime Index compares the risk or probability of future occurrence of certain types of crime in this community as compared to the national average. The national average for each type of crime equals a score of 1.0, so a score of 2.0 would represent twice the risk as the national average, and a score of 0.50 would represent half the risk of the national average.

Huntsville, AL Crime

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