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Reaching an agreement

Here's the help you can expect after receiving an offer.
When an offer is made on your house, it probably won't be for your full asking price, so you may want to counter that offer. That's where the negotiating skills of your Sales Associate will come in. Rest assured that Weichert Sales Associates are well qualified to negotiate on your behalf with your best interests in mind.

If the buyer counters your counteroffer, you'll need help to frame your next move. Rather than just going back and forth on price, introducing another issue can be a winner for you. For instance, your Weichert Sales Associate may suggest to the buyer that while your price is firm, you will agree to leave behind major appliances that the buyer would otherwise have to purchase out-of-pocket.

Your Weichert Sales Associate can negotiate favorable terms for you as well. A flexible or delayed closing date, for example, can give you the time you need to purchase another home. Conversely, an early closing date can have real financial benefit if you've already purchased another home and need to close quickly to avoid carrying two mortgages.

When you receive an offer, and especially if you receive more than one, you should consider how "solid" the offer is. Your Weichert Sales Associate can help you assess offers by weighing such crucial factors as whether the buyer has a mortgage pre-approval, how much they're putting down, whether they have a home to sell first, and so on.

Sometimes the most emotionally charged negotiating follows the various home inspections that come after the contract is signed. "Who pays for what" is strictly a matter of negotiation, and your Weichert Sales Associate will help you take a balanced stance that's tough enough to protect the home equity you want to walk away with, yet has enough flexibility to avoid alienating the buyer and jeopardizing the sale itself.

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