Reducing Energy Consumption in Your Home

Weichert Realtors
June 25, 2012

You can make a significant difference in reducing your electric bill.

The summer heat is upon us, and with rising temperature naturally comes the rising cost of electricity as you cool your home.

You can make a significant difference in reducing your electric bill, however, by managing your energy consumption using home energy monitors and by taking advantage of the special rebates and incentives made available by the government and utility companies.

Additionally, you can take the initiative right at home by making a few changes to your home and routine:

Energy is wasted cooling drafty homes.  By caulking your windows and doors and installing appropriate weather stripping, you can reduce your energy waste by 10 percent!  Also, turning off your lights, television and other electronic devises when not in use can make a huge difference.

Your major appliances consume a ton of energy.  If you can limit the amount of uses for your dishwasher and washing machine to only full loads, it will have a positive affect on your consumption.  Hanging your clothes instead of using the dryer is equally beneficial.  Furthermore, if you can reduce your washing machine to shorter washes and use primarily cold water, it will keep costs down.

While at work, program your thermostat to allow warmer temperatures in the home.  There is little sense in keeping the home too cool when no one is around to enjoy it, so why waste the energy?  You can keep the temperature down by closing your blinds and curtains as well, preventing the sun from further heating your home. 

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