Preparing Your Home for Showings

Weichert Realtors
February 18, 2013

Living in a home while keeping it in good condition for showings can be a difficult balance to achieve.

However, there are measures you can take to ensure that your home is primed and ready to impress potential home buyers.

House Hunting, The Take-Along Workbook for Home Buyers by Dian Hymer offers several suggestions for helping current owners keep their home in showing condition.

  • Buy a big plastic tub for each room. If a prospective buyer wants to see the home, you can quickly de-clutter by throwing unattractive essentials like toys and clothes into the tubs. Make sure to stow the tubs in the garage or closet.
  • Develop an escape plan. Decide in advance where you’ll go when potential buyers are on their way over. It doesn’t have to be far – taking a walk through the neighborhood is probably good enough.
  • Be flexible with showing times. Setting severe limitations makes it harder to sell a home. Not only will these tips help you keep your house tidy, but they will also help make the home selling process more manageable.
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