Got Notes? Let us help you organize the notes you take during your open house visits.

You can quickly forget details about a house if you don't record your thoughts soon enough. Join myWeichert and you can view your notes next to the listing information and images we provide.
Organize any open house tour you create into a workbook so you can group these properties together and add notes about the group and/or each individual property.

Maybe the pictures online don't do it justice or maybe just the opposite, adding notes about each property will help you remember.

How does it work?
Adding your open house tour to a workbook automatically saves each listing as one of your "Saved Listings" and it groups the listings into 1 "Workbook" folder.

As your home search evolves you can rearrange properties among different workbook folders that you create.
Tired of typing in your starting address to get directions to open houses? Save your address so you can easily select it with 1 click.
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Please select one or more open houses from the search results or property detail pages to create your Open House Tour.
Open House Cart
  1. Conduct a search for Open Houses
  2. From the search results click the Add to Open House Tour button for each listing you would like to visit
  3. Click on the Open House Cart icon on the top right of the page to view the properties you've selected
Open House Cart
Turn-by-turn Directions
  1. Choose Turn-by-Turn Directions, Print Itinerary or, if you have a myWeichert account, choose "Save Selected Properties to myWeichert Workbook" for later viewing
Note: If your cart was emptied due to inactivity and session timeout, please consider saving your cart as a myWeichert workbook next time.