Awarded the title of All America City, Mobile represents a center of progressive development and activity.  Recognized for downtown and neighborhood revitalization, the city boasts highly successful renewal efforts from cityscape beautification to educational improvements.  Known as the “Port City,” Mobile claims proud residents who excel in initiating and completing grassroots projects in a spirit of cooperation and shared commitment to a vision of the future.  One of the first port cities in the nation, Mobile contrasts three centuries of history with modern amenities and sights.  The city’s inviting climate and ideal geographic location encourage a wide spectrum of activities.  Nearby white-sandy beaches, great golfing venues, historic homes, and fascinating museums offer diversions for residents of every age and interest.  Already mature when the Civil War began, Mobile reflects its rich, multi-cultural heritage in cuisine and architecture.  Crafted beauty is enhanced by millions of blooms, since Mobile is known as the Azalea City.  The metropolitan area is home to popular events like the Senior Bowl, the Azalea Trail Run marathon race, and the America's Junior Miss Pageant.  Those who enjoy cultural enrichment will be pleased with the quality and quantity of events, where premier groups like the Mobile Opera and Mobile Symphony enjoy elegant venues such as the Saenger Performing Arts Theater for the Living Arts.  Presenting more than 100 events per year from ballet to the blues, the center is known for its old-world beauty and grace.